Your Business & Clients Need The Real You To Show Up & Lead. 

You CAN squash Imposter Syndrome and follow your heart.

You CAN speak your truth without sacrificing relationships and opportunities. 

You CAN have authentic sales conversations without being pushy and "salesy."

You CAN allow yourself to be paid well for your gifts and services.

You CAN trust yourself to meet the stretch out of comfort for a life of courage, purpose, and abundance.

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See how Lisa finally stopped over-giving and under-charging to have an authentic, successful, impactful business she loves

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Is your belief in your ability to earn consistent income with your business slipping away?

Before your inner critic convinces you that you can't have the life, business and income you want, schedule a FREE session with Sherri so she can help you create unshakable belief in yourself.

Dear Big-Hearted, Giving, Loving...(Exhausted, Under-Paid, and Over-Committed) YOU!

Are you ready to deeply know your worth and gain the confidence to stop holding back and start showing up with authenticity, decisiveness, and clarity?
Stop the habit of over-giving and Create Major Space in your life for what matters most to YOU, Improve your Relationships, and ask for (and get) what you really want in life and business.
It’s time to learn these 3 Essential New Truths!
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Hi, I'm Sherri Starr.

I am here to help you cultivate unshakable belief in yourself (with skills to back it up) so you can 

show up in your life and business as the BADASS leader you are meant to be. 


about what others think about you

or whether you have what it takes to be successful

or whether you have to go back to your 9-5

 or if your dreams are too big

or if you'll have to compromise your character to make sales

or if you'll actually be able to make the impact you dream about!


What if I told you you're making it way too hard on yourself? 

I believe being an entrepreneur doesn't have to be a lonely, turbulent, grind.

When you learn how to get out of your own way and allow clients, opportunities, money, joy, and purpose to flow to you... that's when you catch yourself saying, "I love my life" on the daily!

You don't have to struggle alone.

One call with Sherri can create the clarity and action plan for being seen, heard, valued & paid

"I'm in Sydney Australia, head of a global business. Sherri is an absolute SUPERSTAR. Her coaching style is brilliant, she doesn't just listen, she digests what you've said and formulates hard hitting responses that move you forward in ways you didn't think possible. I highly recommend Sherri to anyone wanting to achieve even more than they though possible. πŸ€πŸŒ»πŸ˜"

Jacqueline T.
Business Owner

"It's not that she's just amazing at what she does; it's that she really cares about her clients. I've never worked with someone who was so invested in my success. She keeps things simple, is super encouraging, and will challenge you to push to new levels of excellence. I couldn't recommend her more."

Marcus G.

"Sherri is such a wonderful coach! She always knows just what to say to get me unstuck and back on track... I appreciate her so much... and am so grateful for her wonderful input in my life!"

Sasha K.
Dancer, Actor, Entrepreneur

"Sherri Starr is an inspiring coach, no fluff, a great listener, guides you towards your success & confidence. What else can I say, oh yes "she's awesome.""

Josie F.

"Before working with Sherri, I didn't know how to stand up for myself. I was completely drained. After only 4 weeks, Sherri helped me gain the courage to make some major changes in my life that I'd been scared to make for 7 years. I've learned how to make my inner wisdom the authority, and use the tools she gave me to communicate in a way that gets my needs met. I'm feeling more like myself with each week of the program. Thank you, Sherri!"

Jackie D.
Musician, Blogger

"Because of Sherri's coaching, I've gotten so clear, I've learned how to express myself with confidence, and I've even raised my rates! Thank you again! You’re amazing! "

Nina V.

"My life is more free, more rich, and more joyful than ever before. My thinking has changed which has led to improvements at work and even with my marriage. This is just the start and Sherri's gentle yet inspiring approach is just what I need to live the best life I can."

Jessica G.

Are you on the brink of giving up on your dreams?

Don't even THINK about quitting on yourself and your mission before scheduling a FREE session with Sherri.


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