Your Life.

Your Rules. 

With Grace.


You don't have to be a yes-girl to be liked.

You don't have to sacrifice relationships to speak your truth. 

You CAN ask for (and receive) what you really want.

YOU can have the freedom of a Polite Rebel.

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Dear Big-Hearted, Giving, Loving...(Exhausted and Over-Committed) YOU!

Are you ready to deeply know your worth and gain the confidence to express your TRUTH so that you can stop holding back and start living YOUR life by YOUR rules (with grace)?
If you’re ready to Create Major Space in your life for what matters most to YOU, Improve your Relationships, and Gracefully ask for (and get) what you really want in life and business, then it’s time to learn these 3 Essential New Truths!
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Hi, I'm Sherri Starr.

I am here to help you cultivate the confidence to

stop people-pleasing

so you can reclaim your time, energy, income and freedom...

with grace.

Because you have desires and needs, right?!


The problem is...

you never quite get around to focusing on YOUR needs

because you're spending all your resources

on everyone else's!

And I totally get why.


You CARE deeply about people.

You love to be helpful and be a team player.

And people LOVE this about you too.

But over time, your giving nature has gone too far

and you've become "Always Available Annie"

or "Polly the Pushover"

or "Doormat Debbie"

and resentment sets in

as your life has become a never-ending cycle

of tending to everyone else's urgencies,

while yours get pushed aside day after day.


What if I told you there was a new way

to express yourself, say "no," and ask for what you want 

that would actually improve relationships, 

get you paid the income you're worth,

gain trust and respect,

increase your career opportunities,

and create a win/win for everyone involved?


That would be amazing, right?

Well, let me tell you...yes, it is!


In fact, I'm living proof that you can keep your sweet loving nature AND stop people-pleasing so you can live the juicy authentic life you truly want. 


But it wasn't always this way for me.

I used to be overwhelmed.

I was pulled in so many directions that I found myself

dreaming of escaping to a deserted island

where no one could ask one more thing of me!

I didn't have the tools to say NO or express myself in a graceful way

so I just became the YES-GIRL.

Until I hit my breaking point.

I couldn't give one more ounce.

This NEED TO PLEASE had major consequences.

 I found myself in the midst of a 12-hour meltdown where I made a decision to change.

But my biggest question was would people get on board with this new me? Or would I be alienated and abandoned?

I had to dig deep. Tell my truth. Make mistakes. And have those uncomfortable conversations.


Day by day, the Polite Rebel inside of me was being born.

I called off a wedding.

I joined a band.

I ran a marathon.

And I ended my successful career of 22 years

so I could use my GIFTS and answer the call to contribute in a bigger way.

And guess what? I survived! And you can too.

Now my life is mine AND my relationships are BETTER and more authentic than ever.

And the best part? I get to teach you how you can do it too.

I created the Polite Rebel Academy

for the kind-hearted women like you

who are ready to reclaim their FREEDOM

to CHOOSE what they want in life...

rather than what everyone else is choosing for them.


Are you ready to retire your inner people-pleaser once and for all and live with the confidence and freedom of a Polite Rebel?

Deep breath. You’re in the right place!

Your journey begins here.

Let me show you how to speak and live your truth...with grace.



Polite Rebel Deconstructed

Rebels are trailblazers, unapologetically leaving dust in their path, without care for rules, traditions, and societal conformities. They say and do what they want and are committed to their personal missions. Sounds freeing, bad-ass and exciting! Time to get that skull tattoo and a Harley! But wait! There's a catch:

Rebelliousness alone can come at a steep price: A life of feeling lonely, angry, and misunderstood.

Rebels tend to have a chip on their shoulders, have something to prove, are motivated by “I’ll show you!” even at the expense of their own wellbeing. They speak their minds, oftentimes without considering others’ feelings, which can lead to creating conflict and unintentionally burning bridges. They can feel as though no one “gets” them and can experience challenges in relationships, jobs, finances, and family. Not an optimal life experience!

On the other end of the spectrum lies the Polite People-Pleasers.

People-Pleasers learned early on that being quiet, good little girls yields appreciation, praise, gifts, love, friendships and at the very least...avoiding punishment. They don’t cause waves. They don’t make a fuss. They’re team players, hovering beneath the radar and fueled by pats on the back for their good deeds and flexibility. Sounds nice, but you probably can guess... there is a catch!

Politeness alone can come at a steep price: A life of playing small, holding back, and burning out.

Over time, hiding your truth for fear of rocking the boat or inconveniencing others can manifest as overwhelm, exhaustion, resentment, frustration, depression, anxiety, insomnia, financial stress, chronic hoarseness/sore throats, and a whole array of other physical dis-eases. Also not an optimal life experience!

Introducing the Polite Rebel. This is where individuality and compassion meet in the authentic middle.

"Before Polite Rebel Training, I didn't know how to stand up for myself. I was completely drained. After only 4 weeks, Sherri helped me gain the courage to make some major changes in my life that I'd been scared to make for 7 years. I've learned how to make my inner wisdom the authority, and use the tools she gave me to communicate in a way that gets my needs met. I'm feeling more like myself with each week of the program. Thank you, Sherri!"

Jackie D.
Musician, Blogger

"I don’t know how you do it but you pose the perfect questions to think about. Because of Polite Rebel Training, I've gotten so clear on some things that I’ve definitely been “drifting” on, I've learned how to express myself with confidence and I've even raised my rates! Thank you again! You’re amazing! "

Nina V.

"My life is more free, more rich, and more joyful than ever before. My thinking has changed which has led to improvements at work and even with my marriage. This is just the start and Sherri's gentle yet inspiring approach is just what I need to live the best life I can."

Jessica G.

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